Sunday, January 4, 2009

Spoon, I mean Bowl full of sugar

The holidays are the best time of year, you get to see family, friends, use up sick days at work and also watch underrated teams beat not only a well established team with a long football tradition but you always get to see them beat a ridiculous system called the BCS. One good thing happened this year thought luckily, we didn't get invited to the Rose Bowl the MWC is far superior to the PAC 10, so you guys have have your automatic bid.

Enough ranting and raving about the system lets get down to business. A game like this is why I like to watch NCAA Football. It doesn't matter how big or strong a team like Alabama is as long as a team like Utah has the determination and work ethic to win. This is why the BCS computer will never really be correct in standings. the computer and cannont compute for heart, desire and work ethic.

Utah came to the 2009 Sugar Bowl to play Alabama while Albama showed up to play against themselves. they didnt seem to prepared for Brian Johnson's, no huddle, spread offense that just picked apart the Alabama secondary. I actually took the liberty to sighn Nick Sabin up for a YouTube account because there is plenty of footage on Utah. John Parker Wilson was horrible this year and the 20 years before that. He almost averages as many interceptions as he does Touch Downs, while Brian jonhnson had 9 interceptions and 27 touchdowns.

Albama dosent have a strong passing game so it must be there running game because I know they dont have Louie Sakoda on their Special teams. Glen Coffee is good I respect him but he picked the wronge week to have a bad game. The Utah defense kept him to 36 yards and an average of 2.8 yards. I dont think he was having a bad day I just think it was another day at the office for Paul Kruger Sylvester Stevensen and the Utah defense. I think albama is sad about losing the Sugar Bowl but should be happy that they even got 17 points.

Here is what Alabama needs to do, Get some spring cleaning done over the offseason. Get rid of John Parker Wilson and get a Quarter Back who has a back bone and respects his openents. Second, get rid of Nick Sabin he needs to learn how to close his mouth before a big game and read the "Art of War" by Sun Tzu.

Thanks Utah for such a great season

Saturday, November 29, 2008

BCS Bustin X2

First things first I would like to thank Max Hall for helping the University of Utah Utes play in another BCS game. If it wasn't for Brother Hall's five interceptions and one interception for letting the U of U break into the Bowl Championship Series, ill be sure to send you a postcard to Healaman halls dorm. My favorite part of the game was when Max Hall pushed Paul Kruger for a personal foul of about 15 yards which was converted into a touchdown.

I cant give Max Hall all the credit for blowing out Brigham young University 24 -48 Brian Johnson played a spectacular job. Brian Johnson was 30/36 in passing, he threw for four touchdowns and 303 yards.
I think that the cougars have taught us all a great lesson this year. Actions speak louder than words. Don't get me wrong BYU is a great team and has a great football organization. The school and its little honor code and its contradiction with free agency, now that is a another blog for another time.

Man, am I glad to be A Ute!

Monday, November 17, 2008

A Tale of Two Shows

Today is a big day I just finished signing up for my last semester at the University of Utah and will be graduating with an economics degree in the Spring of 2009. My current G.P.A. is a 3.4 but I can hopefully bump that up to a 3.5 with the fall and spring semester grades combined. VJ Professionals has made a new step in it Department of Research and Development VJ Professionals can now show a live video feed of the VJ or of the crowd. This is definitely a small step for mankind but one giant leap for VJ's.

This was a very week for Ben J Anderson I had two very important shows this week, one being for a company called platinum protection that was on November 13th 2008 and the next was the Kappa Kappa Gamma Formal at the La Caille
Restaurant in Salt Lake City, UT. If you ever want to come to any of our shows feel free to visit VJ Professionals for our show dates and other information.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My First Blog

I guess my first Blog should be an Introduction of myself and currently what I am doing in my life. I grew up in Salt Lake City, UT and attended Roslyn Heights, Hillside and Highland I graduated in 2003 and quickly enrolled in the nearest community college. After Pledging Beta Theta Pi and being accepted into the elite group called "academic probation" at Salt Lake Community College.
I decided to move to Long Beach, CA ( with Mark Lowe and Graham Larson) the home of Snoop Doggy Dogg the Dogfather himself. After learning a lesson or two I decided to move home and get my act together. I joined up with my partner in crime Dylan Jorgensen To embark on my first of many entrepreneurial experiences. We opened up Aloha Shaved Ice the following Summer. Wasnt the funnest summer i had ever had but was another educational one. following a great year at SLCC the U of U was knocking on my door so I answered. I had enrolled in an Econ tha changed my life and my major. During the winter the sno shak dosent make any money so we decided we need something year round. VJProfessionals were born that winter and Our first show was in August at the Gentlemans Ranch. Our First paying gig was the U of U Homecoming dance. After many learned lessons, late nights and hard work I have found myself in the year 2008 and graduating in the spring of '09 in BS of Economics not a business degree but social science. Both companies are still running successfully and onto a new one this week.