Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My First Blog

I guess my first Blog should be an Introduction of myself and currently what I am doing in my life. I grew up in Salt Lake City, UT and attended Roslyn Heights, Hillside and Highland I graduated in 2003 and quickly enrolled in the nearest community college. After Pledging Beta Theta Pi and being accepted into the elite group called "academic probation" at Salt Lake Community College.
I decided to move to Long Beach, CA ( with Mark Lowe and Graham Larson) the home of Snoop Doggy Dogg the Dogfather himself. After learning a lesson or two I decided to move home and get my act together. I joined up with my partner in crime Dylan Jorgensen To embark on my first of many entrepreneurial experiences. We opened up Aloha Shaved Ice the following Summer. Wasnt the funnest summer i had ever had but was another educational one. following a great year at SLCC the U of U was knocking on my door so I answered. I had enrolled in an Econ tha changed my life and my major. During the winter the sno shak dosent make any money so we decided we need something year round. VJProfessionals were born that winter and Our first show was in August at the Gentlemans Ranch. Our First paying gig was the U of U Homecoming dance. After many learned lessons, late nights and hard work I have found myself in the year 2008 and graduating in the spring of '09 in BS of Economics not a business degree but social science. Both companies are still running successfully and onto a new one this week.

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